Pet Sitting

We offer to visit your pet in your home while you are away. This can be anything from a one-off visit if you go out for the day to a regular visit each day for the duration of your three-week summer holiday! We understand how stressful it can be for some animals to be moved into a boarding facility/cattery/kennels and aim to provide your pet with the same care they would normally receive from you.



Unlike dogs, cats are very territorial in nature and can suffer from high levels of stress when forced to leave their surroundings to go to a cattery or other boarding facility. Our pet sitters are able to visit your cat at home to provide fresh water, feed, change litter, groom and offer lots of cuddles and companionship when you are away.



Having experienced a variety of behavioural and physical canine needs, we completely understand that some dogs suffer from separation anxiety and cannot be left. If you have a busy day at the office or a family day-trip planned, you may want one of our sitters to spend the day with your dog. This may be useful for young puppies who are not yet able to go out on walks or be alone.

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Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

Rabbits and guinea pigs are creatures of habit and, some rabbits and guinea pigs in particular, do not appreciate a change in surroundings. This can lead to unnecessary stress and, consequently, GI Stasis in rabbits. Our pet sitters are able to visit your rabbit or guinea pig at your home to give them food and water, clean them out, check them over and interact with them.


Hamsters, Gerbils & Other Small Pets

Rodents are very sensitive animals and a change in environment, temperature or habitat can be unnecessarily stressful - particularly for elderly or unwell animals! As easy as it can be to transport your rodent in its cage to a local pet sitter, you may prefer to have your pet visited in your own home.


Poultry, Birds, Reptiles & Exotics

Poultry, birds, reptiles and exotic animals are more specialist than typical domestic pets and can require particularly experienced, knowledgeable carers. We will match you will one of our highly qualified pet sitters with lots of experience with your particular species of pet. These animals need specific environments and do not appreciate a change in surroundings!