Rabbit and guinea pig grooming is a very rare, but essential, service. Grooming is required for your pet to be healthy and happy, but we understand this can be easier said than done! Whether your small pet needs a pedicure or a full haircut and blow-dry, we are on hand to help. In the summer months, keeping your pet clean and tidy is particularly important due to the risk of flystrike.


Guinea pig full groom - £10 (includes haircut, bathing, shampooing, drying, nail clipping)

Rabbit full groom - £10 (includes de-matting, haircut, nail clipping, de-shedding)

Nail clipping - £2.50 (suitable for rabbits and guinea pigs)



Like dogs and cats, rabbits frequently moult. However, they are unable to cough up balls of fur like cats do, so they require frequent brushing during their periods of moulting. Rabbits are very clean animals and will groom themselves, but it is important to keep the amount of hair they ingest to a minimum to avoid health problems like GI Stasis.


Matted Fur

Some rabbits (such as Angoras and Lionheads) and guinea pigs (such as Shelties and Peruvians) are very prone to matting and, no matter how often they are grooming, it can be impossible to avoid! When your pet becomes matted, it is easy to panic and cut the hair out, but care must be taken not to cut the skin of these delicate animals. We use special tools and clippers to trim the matted hair, without the danger of injuring your pet.


Tangled Hair

Everyone with a long-haired guinea pig will know the struggle of tangled hair! Just as humans with long hair may wake up with surprise knots and tangles, guinea pigs have a similar problem. To avoid this happening, an easy solution is to keep your pet's hair short. This is something we can help with on a regular basis.



Flystrike is where flies lay their eggs on the body of your pet. Most commonly between the back legs where the warm, moist environment is the perfect habitat for larvae and maggots. If your pet has long hair, there is a higher chance of their faeces getting stuck and encouraging flies to the area, so it is important to keep your rabbit or guinea pig's back-end as clean as possible! 


Nail Clipping

Like humans, the nails on rabbits and guinea pigs continually grow, but, if they get too long, the angle in which the leg stands on the floor changes and can cause extra wear on the joints as well as a condition called pododermititis (sore hocks). Not only this, but they can accidentally catch they're nail on something and tear it off which is unnecessarily painful. We know that nail clipping can be very intimidating due to the fear of hurting your pet, but we are always more than happy to show you our tips and tricks or do it for you on a regular basis.