Dog Walking

Group Walks

1 hour - £12

45 minutes - £10

30 minutes - £8

(Discounts available for dogs from the same household)

Dogs are naturally pack animals so group walks provide them with the social dynamics they generally enjoy. Being walked in a group is both mentally and physically stimulating for the dogs, but we match dogs in groups according to their temperament, age, health, etc for safety. For young dogs in particular, walking in part of a group is beneficial for their development and strengthens their ability to handle new situations as well as their socialisation skills. As well as this, we find that group dog walks give the dogs more exercise as they are constantly running, playing and chasing each other.

Solo Walks

1 hour - £15

45 minutes - £13

30 minutes £11

(Discounts available for dogs from the same household)

For some dogs, a group walk just isn't suitable. We cater for all breeds, behaviours and ages and offer to adapt our services to suit your dog's needs. For elderly dogs or puppies, solo walks can match their pace and give the dog a change of scene without expecting them to run miles! For some dogs, solo walks provide more stimulation than group walks as they benefit from human interaction. Some dogs are also very anxious or even aggressive around other dogs and prefer solo walks. We also find that more boisterous, challenging and cheeky dogs benefit from having individual, direct supervision!

Puppy/Elderly Dog Visits

30 minutes - £8.50

2 x 30 minutes (in one day) - £15

Over-walking puppies can cause permanent joint and mobility issues. Professionals recommend that puppies are only walked for 5 minutes per month of age, so a 6 month old puppy should walk for around 30 minutes. For puppies who haven't received their vaccinations, we offer to visit them at your home for company, feeding, cleaning, enrichment, exercise and any other requests! This can also be useful for those with elderly dogs or dogs with health issues/injuries who are unable to complete a full walk.