About Us

Furlock Holmes Pet Supplies and Services was created as a way to fundraise for its sister organisation, Furlock Holmes Animal Rescue (registered charity number 1179572). The business is run by ten animal-lovers and offers both pet care services and a pet supply shop. As Furlock Holmes grows, pet supplies are able to be shipped nationwide and the pet care services are carried out within a 12 mile radius of Whitchurch, Hampshire. This includes Andover, Basingstoke, Newbury, Winchester, Overton, Sutton Scotney, Kingsclere, Kings Worthy, Hurstbourne Tarrant, Goodworth Clatford and surrounding areas. Services include dog walking, elderly dog/puppy visits, small pet visits, boarding, grooming and more! Furlock Holmes provide a reliable, knowledgeable and adaptable service to your pet, providing them with enrichment, stimulation, socialisation, exercise and companionship while you are away.


Who am I?

For as long as I can remember, I have been at my happiest when surrounded by four-legged friends and, growing up on a smallholding, I was lucky enough to have a large collection of furry and feathered animals in my back garden. From a simple sibling bicker to being very unwell in college, animals were always my go-to when I needed a cuddle or a chat. I always have formed connections with animals a lot faster than with people, so no one was surprised when they became my full-time occupation!

Furlock Holmes started as an animal rescue charity and has since grown into much more. Now offering animal-assisted visits, boarding facilities, a "Pet Club" for children, pet care services and a pet supply shop, the evolution of Furlock Holmes never stops and the charity currently has 25 volunteers while the services and shop have 10 employees.

However, as I soon found out, pets have owners and owners are people! Like many other teenagers, I hadn't developed my "people skills" or customer service when I first started Furlock Holmes. Now, however, I have dealt with people from all walks of life, from people dumping pets on my doorstep to people doing anything they can to help the animals. Although I have learnt a lot about animal care, I feel learning about mankind has been a steeper learning curve and I work to develop and maintain effective relationships with all clients and try my hardest to understand each of their individual requirements.

To be a professional in the animal industry, it takes dedication and passion. I have always had a desire to learn and have come to understand that learning never stops. I am always studying, researching and finding out as much as I can about the physical, social, psychological, behavioural and emotional needs of animals not just to constantly develop the services I offer, but also out of curiosity and interest.

As most people who visit me know, I have a large array of family pets here at my home. These include a horse, two miniature shetland ponies, two spaniels, two cats (including a very fluffy Persian), four rabbits, three guinea pigs, two hamsters and a large number of chickens - I even share my bed with a giant house rabbit, Bonnie!


Our Values


We are a very dependable team and will always strive to honour our commitments to you and your pet. All staff members are trustworthy and are fully DBS security checked before joining our team.


We are committed to delivering the best services possible to you and your pet. We aim to be reliable and communicative and our services are conducted with the utmost finality of your requests.


As much as qualifications and high grades are important in the professional world, nothing beats hands-on experience with animals. All our staff and volunteers are highly experienced with a range of animals.


Due to also working as an animal rescue charity, we are very up-to-date on the latest standards of pet care from world-leading animal organisations such as the RSPCA, RWAF and iCAN.


We strive to be honest and truthful and have strong morals - especially when it comes to the welfare of your pet. We will always take responsibility should something go wrong and will treat clients with respect.


We don't just work to get the job done or to meet expectations, we strive to be the best and exceed standards with the services we provide. We will always go above and beyond to help you and your pet.


We take into account each animal's distinct personality as no two pets are ever the same. We aim to work alongside you and adapt our care to suit the needs of you and your pet.


We understand that pets thrive on routine and consistency. We also know that you will feel more comfortable knowing who is entering your house each day. This is why we assign a specific sitter to your family.


Our staff are not only experienced and reliable, but they are also animal-lovers and are passionate about what they do. We all share a love of animals - some of us have been accused of being animal-mad!